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19 Dec 2012

If you are like most individuals today you probably think that high cholesterol levels is something which leads to heart disease. Almost every doctor is going to tell you that you'll have to decrease your cholesterol levels in order to take care of the chances of heart disease. Something you are most likely aware of already would be the fact that there are loads of medications that are currently available on the market for high cholesterol. There's a new program on the internet at this time called "The Great Cholesterol Lie", and it explains to people that high cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease.

Dr. Dwight Lundell is the individual that actually developed this program, and as a heart surgeon he has actually done over 5000 heart surgeries on various men and women. I wanted to mention this because I wanted you to realize that this program was created by a real doctor who has real life experience with heart disease. One more thing I would like to mention weight loss progress is that he honestly believes that out of all of the surgeries that he performed, nearly all these individuals could have prevented their issues. Contrary to any of the other doctors you may have talked to in the past about heart disease, Dr. Lundell claims that there's actually a cure for heart disease if individuals have the appropriate information.

Many men and women think that cholesterol is a thing that is devastating to their body, nevertheless you're going to discover why this is really something which is vital to the health of your body. Cholesterol is something that is in fact made by your body, and this happens when people's cholesterol levels end up getting too low. So the reality that your body actually creates this in order to keep your levels up is something that should tell you that this is not as bad as you've been led to believe.

In relation to heart disease you may possibly be surprised to learn that the principal cause of this is not cholesterol but inflammation. Which would obviously explain why people who don't have high cholesterol, don't drink or smoke wind up having heart disease. You are also going to discover why all the medications that are designed to lower your cholesterol can wind up causing other health problems.

They have a web site which is marketing this product right now, and you are going to discover that there are testimonials scattered throughout the page from real people that have found real results with the knowledge they received. There is one testimonial in particular that I want to mention, and it is from an individual who had many different health problems and was able to take care of them thanks to this program. You're going to see that loads of these testimonials are from individuals who were taking different sorts of medications for their high cholesterol, and after using this information their doctors took them off of this medication.

There are charging just under $50.00 to be able to get your hands on this information, and I am sure you'll agree this is actually a very reasonable price for what you'll be receiving. One more thing I would like to mention is that this is actually a risk free program mainly because you are going to have a complete 60 days to go through all of the information and if you're unhappy with it for any reason you are able to ask for your money back. Doctor Lundell truly provides some amazing information in this book and it is a thing that I believe everybody should have a look at.


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