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14 Dec 2012

Quite a lot of you've heard of the Atkins diet, but you may possibly not recognize that it came out about 20 years ago and was produced by a doctor named Robert Atkins. You are going to see that this diet can provide you with rapid results if you're trying to drop some weight. This this one program is dependant on limiting carbohydrates in four different phases, and I am certain you recognize that limiting carbohydrates is exactly what this program is about.

When you first get started you are going to find you'll spend two weeks going through the most challenging phase which is the first phase. A primary reason this is so difficult simply because you are going to be eliminating foods, and your body will start going through changes. It is now going to burn fat as opposed to carbohydrates as the main energy source. Carbohydrates from green vegetables are just regarding the only carbohydrates allowed in this phase, and only 20 grams of more information those, each day. Any carbohydrates you're going to find in bread or any other kind of food will have to be removed from your diet. Even though this phase is known as the most challenging for many dieters, others have discovered their cravings for food die down after two or 3 days. You're going to find that after the first 14 days things are going to acquire a little easier in the second phase of the program.

They call this second phase the ongoing weight loss portion of the program. And at this time you're going to see that you will have the ability of including more carbohydrates into your daily diet. Every single day you get to only add five grams of carbohydrates, and you will want to closely monitor the quantity of weight you are losing. If you want to continue losing a few pounds you are going to have to keep track and do not add in too many carbohydrates every day. You ought to understand that if you start eating too many carbs you may not only stop losing a few pounds but you may possibly start putting weight back on. The third phase of the Adkins diet will start when you are within 5-10 pounds of the weight you set as a goal. During this phase, which is referred to as the Pre-Maintenance phase, it takes you to your goal weight and you get to slowly add more food that's rich in carbohydrates.

In this phase you are still going to need to keep track of your carbohydrates so you do not wind up eating too many. You have to add carbohydrates until you know the amount you are able to safely eat every single day. That way when you reach your target weight, you'll understand what you can eat without gaining or losing a few pounds. I am sure you recognize that after you reach your goal all you are going to need to do is maintain your weight which is where the lifetime maintenance phase comes in. This phase will have the ability of helping you maintain your ideal weight to the rest of your life. You are going to discover that throughout the process of this diet your body is becoming more accustomed to low carbohydrates, so maintaining your weight should not be that difficult.

Is going to be really important for you to ensure that you follow this maintenance program or you'll simply end up gaining weight just like any other diet you tried in the past. For people who reach your ideal weight and then just start eating the carbohydrates again like you did before, you will start gaining weight again. You may see that this weight-loss system can be the thing which will help you reach your goals.


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